Examples of NFTs

Just like it’s good to know who owns what in real life (IRL), it’s also good to know who owns what in the web3 digital world. And we have NFTs to thank for that!

NFT certificate.

An NFT is like a digital version of a collectible, and people like NFTs for all the reasons that they like collecting: they find the art cool, they represent culture, their favorite sports player or artist, they make them feel part of a community, they think they’ll be more valuable in the future, etc. Reasons for owning an NFT are as varied as a person’s interests, preferences, life trajectory, moment in time, location, and wealth. They are a form of expression! They signal to others what you find interesting or worthwhile to own.

Collectibles are items valued for their rarity and/or popularity.
Someone creating an NFT collection.

NFTs serve to verify digital ownership of an asset. These assets might include gaming items, movie characters, digital media, ticketing services, any type of record, certificate, or receipt, proof of attendance, community membership, property rights, licenses, and deeds.

People also buy NFTs for their utility such as voting rights, events access, and VIP clubs. We’ll go more in-depth on NFT utility in our Intermediate NFT course.

It makes sense that as the world becomes digital, other aspects of being human move onto the blockchain as well!