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Introducing a new way to learn

Current web3 learning solutions are over complicated, non-beginner friendly, and are heavily text based. At Anza we:

  • Go step-by-step through the content
  • Have visual and video content
  • Verify transactions on the blockchain
  • Issue NFTs to verify learning objectives


We're partnered with the awesome NEAR blockchain

Hands-on Learning

Verify Your Knowledge

Complete quizzes and tests to make sure you know the content well.

On-chain Experience

Interact with the blockchain directly using a test account with fake money. Navigate the web3 space without needing to worry about losing money.


We are here to help you go from zero to hero. Start impacting the web3 space through job opportunities, DAOs (decentralized organations), and contributions.

Awesome team behind Anza

  • Knowledge of teaching

    Our team has several years of experience teaching beginners about new and emerging fields.

  • Industry experience

    Our team has worked at Google, Visa, BlackRock, Digital Worlds at the University of Florida and more.

  • Our values and dedication to education

    We aim to foster an inclusive and diverse environment to onboard the next generation to web3. Our education is free and will soon have multiple languages support.


Sam Garcia


Liam Wood


Alexander Wonnell

Content Creator

Paul Burgermeister

Creative Director

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Verify Your Knowledge

Complete quizzes and interact with the blockchain directly to solidify your learning

Get Rewarded

Receive non-transferrable NFTs for completing courses and tasks as a way to prove your knowledge. This certificate can be used for jobs or web3 opportunities.


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