By now you may be falling off your seat with excitement, ready to join and contribute to a DAO... but how exactly do you even start?

There are DAOs sprawled all over different blockchains, however, we will focus on the NEAR blockchain in this section.

First, need to find a cause you are passionate about. Awesome NEAR is one of the places with a list of different DAOs on NEAR.

Awesome NEAR list of DAOs.

Guilds are communities in NEAR sharing a specific vision and mission. You can browse Guilds through NEAR's website.

Guilds listed on the NEAR site.

Once you find a DAO or Guild you are interested in, you can follow the links to their website or Discord, a popular chat application in web3, where you can talk to members and see how the organization is being ran.

Usually DAOs will have bounties available: these are tasks that they want completed but may not have the internal resources to do so. If you are not interested in the bounties, you can ask other members for their advice or take the initiative and start helping out on an area they may be lacking.

Bounties are a great way to get started contributing to a DAO. Once you complete a bounty, you are directly contributing to one of the DAO's action items, and can also earn a reward upon completion.

Interested in starting a DAO? We recommended joining a DAO before starting your own to get experience in how a decentralized group is ran. However, if you are sure you have a valid reason for creating a DAO and are ready to start your own, Astro DAO on NEAR is an easy way to get your DAO up and running. Astro DAO has a simple interface which makes it easy to set up and run a DAO, including a shared treasury.

Astro DAO total number of DAOs.

Another popular DAO Tooling solution on NEAR is Sputnik DAO, a hub of DAOs on the NEAR ecosystem.

Sputnik DAO Homepage.