Security Method

This page has several options to choose a security method to store the password to your account.

We recommend Secure Passphrase to start. This will give you 12 words that act like the password to your account. This is commonly known as a seed phrase.

Choose a Security Method Page. The options are Secure Passphrase, Ledger Hardware Wallet, and Email. Email is not recommended. Secure Passphrase is a much safer option, but having a Ledger Hardware Wallet is the most secure.

Ledger Hardware Wallet is a device similar to a USB that stores your password for you and is the most secure option, however you need to buy the device to start.

Email lets you login with email to your account. It is the most convinent but least safe. If someone gains access to your email they get access to your funds. This method is not recommended.

There are multiple ways to keep the key secure. We recommend reading this module on Crypto Wallets to learn more.