Viewing a Transaction

Let's see the transaction we made in the previous section.

Transaction Details in NEAR Explorer.

Signed By - the sender of the money. The transaction needs to be signed, or approved, before being sent out.

Receiver - the receiver of the money.

Status - if your transaction was successfully delivered or not.

Transaction Fee - how much NEAR was withdrawn from your account to make this transaction possible.

Deposit Value - total amount sent.

Created - the time when the transaction took place.

Hash - an encrypted value that acts like the ID for this transaction. You can search this value in the NEAR Blockchain Explorer.

Actions Details in NEAR Explorer.

Actions - the steps performed in this transaction. For some transactions there may be multiple steps, which you will see displayed here.

Those are the main details for a transaction. If you scroll further down you can see the transaction in further detail under the Transaction Execution Plan.

Transaction Execution Plan Details on NEAR Explorer.
Gas burned means how much gas was used in this transaction. Think of it as a car "burning" gas as it runs. Gas costs NEAR, hence the "Tokens Burned" section under Gas Burned.